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I've been a senior marketer with brands such as P&G and Tata Sky. I've worked across CRM, Digital Marketing, Community & Subscriber Marketing, CX, and Data. Now I bring all my empathy and understanding of those roles to my writing for business and marketing audiences.


If you are a Martech or SaaS brand trying to reach, educate and engage senior business leaders and experienced marketers, then let's talk! 

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I'm a mom of two unschooled self-directed learners. Because I am a remote freelancer, I spend more time with my kids than most working parents can. The last ten years have taught me so much about how kids learn, and the role that parents can play in that journey. 

If you are a parenting product, service or website and want to create original, inspiring content about how kids learn, learning how to learn, effective learning skills, homeschooling, travel schooling, virtual learning, open learning, and self-directed learning, let's talk!

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My Creative Work

Section coming soon!


I also write for leisure and pleasure. If you have a moment, stroll through some of my poems, short stories and essays here! 

I also edit books, articles, and long-form content across all genres. 

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