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Thanks for being here!

My superpower is not just that I write great content but that I know my audiences better than most.


I'm not just a writer who writes about marketing or parenting. I am a marketer and parent who loves crafting original, thought-provoking, and high-value content about both.

Looking for content that educates, entertains, and engages your audience of marketers, parents, or marketer-parents?

Let's connect and create!

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Blogs, articles, eBooks, white papers, case studies, guides, interviews, repurposing video events into text.  

I specialize in content for two niches: business & marketing; and parenting & learning.

My promise
: SEO is table stakes but I can't guarantee clicks or views. What I can promise is that my content will leave your audiences with valuable and inspiring ideas and perspectives they won't find elsewhere, and the confidence to take decisive next steps in their buying journey.

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I'm an MBA in marketing and I've been a senior marketer with brands such as P&G and Tata Sky.

I write about Martech; Digital, Multichannel & Hybrid Marketing; CRM, Community & Subscriber Marketing; Customer Experience (CX); Customer Data, Consent & Preference; Adtech, Retail Media, Salestech, SaaS solutions for marketers. Check out my monthly column on CMSWire here.

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I'm a mom of two self-directed learners. We grow by planning, doing, failing, reflecting, unlearning, and practicing. 

I write about how kids learn, learning how to learn, effective learning skills, unschooling, homeschooling, travel schooling, virtual learning, open learning, and self-directed learning.

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David Raab

Founder, CDP Institute (USA)

I've worked with Chitra for years as a colleague and as a freelancer. 
With the highest level of professionalism, she  has the ability to quickly grasp complex ideas, understand how they relate to larger business goals, and present them an engaging, accurate, and comprehensive way. 
That she is a delightful person is a bonus. 
Do hire her, but don’t make her so busy that she’s unavailable to work for me when needed.

Mario Siano

Co-Founder, Head of Marketing & Communication, Advertima (CH)

Chitra is a complete professional,


I am impressed by how quickly she understood our complex technology and business model. 


In a very short time, she was able to create great thought leadership articles and white papers. 


Chitra is proactive and her ideas and input are always very valuable.

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Thierry Maout

Content Marketing Manager, Didomi (FR)

Chitra creates impactful, thought-leadership and educational pieces about the relationship between privacy and martech, retail, e-Commerce and publishing.


She brings a wealth of knowledge and advanced research skills to turn a simple brief into a full-fledged, thought-provoking article.


Her articles are regularly cited as some of our best, most interesting content by collaborators, prospects, and employees alike.


Finding freelance talents that are not only gifted writers but experts in their field is not easy, and I can safely say that Chitra is both.


I count Chitra as part of our team, and I’m excited to continue collaborating with her. I cannot recommend her enough!

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Ben Pines

Director of Content,

AI21 Labs (Israel)

As a writer, Chitra stands out as someone who can tackle highly advanced topics and approach them with the seriousness and rigor they require.


She takes complex topics and manages to write about them in a way that is relatable and interesting.


Chitra is attentive and takes feedback to heart. When I started working for a new brand it was fun to work with Chitra and make her writing fit the brand voice. We managed to get the tone just right. Chitra managed to adapt her writing to my vision, and together we produced articles that drew an audience and kept them interested.

Priscilla Meisel

Executive Director, Content (USA)

Chitra is a talented strategist, storyteller, and writer. 


She seamlessly transitions from brainstorming to writing abstracts to translating briefs into content in multiple formats to meet her clients' needs.

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Testimonials (5).png

Shobita Kedlaya

Author, The Quest of Ruby

Chitra belongs to a rare breed of people who give their all to the work they do.
I have been lucky to have her edit my book, as she has maintained the essence of the message, trimmed off the unessential, while retaining the heart of the story.
She is extremely professional and yet brings in a very personal touch to the work, making it easy to collaborate with her. 
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